25 Feb

Knit Night

I finished my first pair of socks! And it took less than two months.

My First Socks!

All the construction details are on my Ravelry page. I basically asked my knight night friends what their favorite sock construction methods were and then used them. It probably would have been easier to just choose a pattern and follow it, but there are so many options that I really had no idea where to start in looking for a suitable pattern.

What I found out is that I like the Turkish cast-on, toe-up method because it gives a nice smooth toe and there’s no picking up stitches or grafting stitches together later. I tried a short row heel which was quick and easy, but not great for my high instep. So, when knitting for me, a gusset is the way to go. So, now I know some things I like and will look for in my next sock project. The kids have already put in requests!

Also, the socks look great with my fiber in resin earrings, so I can build an outfit based on the accessories. Ha!

2 thoughts on “Knit Night

  1. Gorgeous yarn. I have made several failed attempts with socks and an equal number of unravellings. I must take a look at your Ravelry page and see if that helps!

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