01 Apr

Feldbahn Open House

First, I want to thank everyone who chimed in with great ideas for improving my little square Village quilt. I have been implementing some of the ideas and I gotta say I’m really loving this quilt. You all helped me out of a stuck place and I think the solution, though very “me,” is something I would not have arrived at myself. So, thanks again :-).

Now onto the excitement of the day. It’s Sunday and the sun is shining, so it is compulsory that all Germans get out and go for a walk or bike ride. Who were we to argue?

On the bike path

Our around-the-block neighbors invited us to join them on a 5 mile ride to an open house event at a small small gauge railroad museum. I was a little concerned about Katja’s ability to go on such a long ride, but figured that with a 1-1 ratio of kids to adults, she and I could always opt out or go reeeeeaaaaally slow. She did great, although she never once stopped talking.

I think the little railroad was originally built to transport rocks from the nearby quarries and perhaps also to transport crops. They had a half dozen engines like this and two which pulled a series of “cars” which were essentially mobile park benches so they could sell tickets for a short ride down the street (we went, of course).

Feldbahn repair house and engine

Things were in very good repair and staged so cute I wanted to break out singing “Hi ho, hi ho…”

Cute little train

Dwarves totally work here

There was some slightly more modern machinery there too. This shovel, though not steam, reminded me of a childhood book. I could have sworn the illustrations were blue though…

Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel?

Or maybe I’m mixing up the visuals with “Are You My Mother?

And, of course, since this was a daytime event, there was coffee and cake. And, of course, since we’re in Germany, the tables were nicely set with fresh flowers. We were too late for the waffles though — they sold out early. We didn’t get coffee either, as we had brought plenty of water with us. I love the way Daffy on Katja’s sport bottle is eying her piece of cake. Designers in the crowd may admire the attractive letterpressed tickets for our train ride.
Cake and flowers

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  1. I was no good german today and stayed at home. (I always hated sonntagsausflug with cake. I had to wear a nice dress and shiny shoes and was not allowed to be dirty. no fun. ). I decorated my all new sewing room.

    your trip looks good, nice pics. where is it? shame on me, cause I live here, too…

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