Impressions of Germany


I lived in Germany for the better part of twelve years, though always within the safety net of the American military community. Perhaps this living between cultures (not entirely American, but not German either) is reflected in my choice of land- or cityscapes as subject matter in this series. There is the sense of being on the outside looking in. However, the view is always welcoming. “Impressions of Germany” is a collection of textile paintings rooted in traditional American quilting that reflect my love of Germany’s forests and towns. From the ubiquitous good luck toadstools to half timber homes, so many elements of German culture still seem to have ties to the beloved fairy tales of Europe’s past. Even modern trains and the ecologically minded shopping bags used every day seemed charming to my jaded American eyes. As a basis for interpretation, I looked back to the tradition and patterns of American quilting, using such traditional patchwork as the “Nine Patch,” “Log Cabin” and hexagonal arrangement “Grandmother’s Flower Garden.” At the same time, I am inspired by the abstract European aesthetic. The visual texture and additional cultural depth commercially made fabrics and repurposed textiles deepens the story.