The Army Wife

The Army Wife is an ongoing series of textiles telling the story of expectations and realities in the world of the military spouse. Common domestic forms such as aprons, quilts and sheets and kitschy or cheery images manage to convey the very serious business of life and love. The aprons reference retro-housewifeyness: the clash of expectations vs. reality, which is also the clash a military spouse experiences daily. The quintessential military spouse is everything to everyone and manages the chaos with a serene smile. She is banker, lawyer, nurse, moving company, manager, madonna, and whore to name a few. She tries her best to keep it all close and thus carries an amulet bag on her apron holding that which is most dear: a home with roots, her family, and a heart of stone to stoically endure the often lonely and transient life of a military spouse. This series attempts to peel away the already uncomfortable headlines about modern American warfare to expose personal issues about being second fiddle to the greater cause. There is strength, but it is soft and fragile. This series confronts my personal experiences, exposing my words, my insecurities, my fears and foibles for everyone to see. Hopefully there is also a greater experience in which others can recognize themselves.