24 Apr

Just Checking in

So often it’s hard to blog because I’m just not sure what to blog about. For lack of any finished projects or deep thoughts, here’s a random sampling of what’s going on in my world right now.

There’s been a lot of work on our house projects, both by me and my mom and by hired pros, but nothing is quite finished yet.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity in progress: pro built, stained by me, I added hardware, waiting on a countertop and plumbing.

I took a block printing workshop with Valori Wells yesterday (through the Portland Modern Quilt Guild) which was lots of fun and jump started my thinking about fabric designs again.

Block Printing

I’m super happy with how these designs turned out — both from a printing standpoint, and a design standpoint.

I’m plugging away at several stitchy projects…

Project Chair

Hand stitching at the ready for quiet evenings.

… which have taken over and made more of a mess than anything else!

Project Table

Lots of work in progress on my studio table and sewing machine. Nothing worth showing yet though.

Work at The Pine Needle is excellent, and I’ve got some behind the scenes projects I’m working on with the team in preparation of summer shop hops and our Fall catalog.

The Pine Needle

This is where I work — surrounded by a wide variety of gorgeous fabrics. That yellow, teal, and maroon whirligig sample in the middle of the photo is one I made. I’m working on an asian-inspired version now.

I hope you all are knee deep in fulfilling projects too; every little bit counts, even if doesn’t seem┬ávery blog- or Instagram-worthy.

09 Mar

What Do You Think?

This is a low priority project that I’ve kept setting aside and I finally decided to just do. Ultimately, it should be a quilt for the guest bed we don’t have.

Funny aside: the extra bed we’ve previously had was on loan from the Army as you can borrow basic furniture when living overseas. They don’t loan furniture here in Hawai’i since it is part of the US. However, being stationed in Hawai’i is considered an overseas tour (technically one must go over a sea to get here) and we did what’s called a Consecutive Overseas Tour to get from Germany to here. Go figure.

Anyway, my intention above was to make scrappy mushrooms and piece them as a fairy ring into a scrappy, strippy background. Everything was to be from my stash. Looking at it now, I’m thinking that maybe the ‘shrooms get a little lost and I fully accept that I may have gone overboard on the scrappy background. My solution would be to continue piecing the background strips and then overdye the whole quilt top in a dark green to knock everything back a bit and even out the color. Then I’d add in the fairy ring. This is the same construction I was originally planning, just with the addition of a trip through a bucket of dye before adding the ‘shrooms. My concern with the dye is that the seams will hold more dye and call attention to themselves. I’d be doing a scrunchy type dyeing so complete uniformity is not necessary though.

Before I laid the strips out on my bed, I was concerned that I didn’t have enough strips to finish the top (now unfounded), so I went back to one of my first sketches. What if the ‘shrooms were in a line and the strips were only on one side? I’d have to go buy new fabric for the other side (white blanket in the photo), but maybe then I wouldn’t need to dye the strips — especially if I used them for only about 1/3 of the top instead of the half that it looks like here.

Does anyone have a preference or two cents to add?