08 Nov


I feel like I used to be pretty good at machine quilting. Nothing fancy, and my stitches weren’t always even, but at least the fronts looked good and the backs of my quilts were smooth.


Lately, I’ve been getting this and it’s ticking me off. The only real change is that I used to use cotton batting and now I’m trying wool. Cotton is less poofy and it sticks nicely to the fabric, whereas wool and poly are both poofy and non-sticky. I tape my backing to the floor smooth but not taught. I pin baste a hand’s width apart. I use a walking foot for straight lines like these (and I have to say, that I’ve turned down the speed on my machine and that has done wonders for keeping me slow and steady and at least making my stitches much more even). I work from the center out unless I have motifs that need to be dealt with first (like the red cross in the background).

This particular quilt is a small utilitarian bed quilt from a Jelly Roll and destined to be donated, so I’m not stressing too much about the puckers, but I’m using it and another that I do care more about as practice for my next round of art quilts and I want to solve as many issues as possible before tackling something bigger and more important. I want to use wool, so I’m looking for any tips anyone wants to throw at me?!? Probably closer basting, but I’m open to all ideas.