08 Apr

Knit Night

I promised the airplane knitting that I changed halfway through, and here it is.

Elfe Tee

This was definitely worth re-doing. I like the more subtle striping better with this one, and the thick to thin design works well with those stripes too.


Elfe Tee

I used the same gradated yarn (Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton) as in the shawls in the previous Knit Night post. This Elfe tee used two skeins: the first is the Mystique color way, which gradates from navy to grey to chocolate brown. The second skein is called Tardis and goes from the same grey, to medium blue, to navy. the stripes get a little funky in the middle where the greys switch places, but that’s part of what I like about this.


Elfe Tee detail

I was very curious to see how two graduated yarns would work together, so this was lots of fun. Next up is a shawl that will use the black to brown to grey that I jettisoned from this project, paired with a grey/purple that should be subtle but nice. Slightly more technical Elfe details are on my Ravelry post here.

01 Apr

Knit Night

I’ve been lucky enough here in Charlottesville to become friends with a lovely woman who makes beautiful color changing cotton yarn. Over the last few years I’ve knit a half dozen things with this yarn and have plans for a half dozen more.
All my pretty shawls

Patterns L to R: Bubbles and Baubles, Butterfly Garden, Rose Annie, Reversible circles of Lace (all patterns can be found on Ravelry, of course)

Today seemed like a good day to take a group portrait of my shawls. I’ve made two others as well, but they are for my mom and my sister, so they don’t live with me. All those gradients look so pretty hanging in a row.

I’ve been joining “Wolle” at the local yarn and wool festivals to help out at her booth. It’s great fun to show off the yarn and to help people choose just the right colors. The Elfe sweater in the last Knit Night post is also knit from Wolle’s yarn. I hope to have it finished in time to wear to the Powatan Fiber Fest at the end of this month. So far, so good — it should be next week’s post!