26 Jan

A Quick Makeover

WANT got the best of NEED this last weekend. I’d love to have a more contemporary looking house, but I can’t justify replacing half my belongings. As I was surfing the net the other day, It dawned on me that a simple fabric change could update our oak bench a la the midwest modern look I really like.

Of course, the current fabric was in fine shape, and I didn’t have any appropriate Amy Butler or similar fabric in my stash. But my browsing found me drooling over some very hip Joel Dewberry twill. I debated all day and then finally measured my cushions. It would take less than 1.5 yards for a makeover. What was I worried about? Hubby’s got a steady job — I can afford 1.5 yards of fabric. When it arrived a few days later, I was so glad to see that it not only matched the rug in the adjoining work space as hoped, but it even accentuated the small bit of turquoise in the living room rug in case they are ever in the same room together (another concern for nomads like us).

As I was about to put the fabric away upstairs, I decided that, in accordance with Getting Things Done, this fell under the “if it takes less than two minutes do it now” rule and grabbed the staple gun and got to work. Of course, it took more than two minutes, but not much. I grabbed two pillows from the couch, and Voila!

I’m so happy I did this.