09 Oct

Taylor Kickin’ Diabetes

Taylor is our neighbor. She’s ten years old, one of my daughter’s best friends, a red belt in taekwondo, a gifted student, a typical little sister, and a kid with Type 1 diabetes (read about the differences between type 1 and type 2 here). Taylor was diagnosed two years ago and has since had to be vigilant about what she eats, had to deal with odd secondary effects of the disease, check her blood sugar levels day and night, and inject insulin on a regular basis. It wasn’t long before her family invested in an insulin pump which means no more injections, but she still has to monitor her blood and input carb levels so the pump knows how much insulin to give. Her life has changed forever, but with supportive family, school and friends, she is able to be, at least outwardly, a pretty normal pre-teen. Organizations like Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation have been an invaluable resource for Taylor and her family as well as for the millions of other kids with Type 1 diabetes. It is research such as that funded by JDRF that has resulted in treatments like the pump which help make life more normal for affected kids.

Last year Taylor rallied friends and family and her taekwondo school to become the largest group of walkers at the Honolulu JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, and to raise over $8000. The ohana (family) would like to exceed their record this year, so I invite you to help me support Team Taylor Kickin’ Diabetes by donating before November 6th. Even the smallest amount counts. AND, like last year, to sweeten the deal, I’ll send a fabric postcard to anyone who contributes! (Last year was mostly landscapes, so I’m thinking rooted houses this year — feel free to weigh in in the comments.)

Heart House III 5"x7"

You may donate at my Walker Page (www.JDRF.org and type my name and Hawaii for the state in the Search for a Walker sidebar) or via my Facebook page (look for the Support JDRF tab).

Mahalo for your support!