10 Mar

The Girl Quilt

…is done!

I made this as a gift for a pair of tween sisters who’s mom just redid their shared bedroom in turquoise and white with a healthy girl dose of pink and chocolate brown. Well, maybe not JUST did their room — it has taken me over six months to finish this quilt and the room was nearly done when I started. Not being a priority quilt, it kept getting pushed aside, even though I thoroughly loved working on it when I did get a chance. I ran out of thread a few times too, and that slowed me down as well.

I also like the backĀ — though white would get too dirty too fast in my house. But I figure if it’s OK on a back because no one needs to see the back. I tried to stick to fabrics in my stash (like the duvet covers that make up the white backing), but it was way too much fun finding pink fabrics with brown kitties, and the brown and white circles, and the pink and brown…. I confess I bought a few new fabrics for this just because I couldn’t resist. I used them all up though.

The Girl Quilt was inspired by this quilt by Lucy T. Pettway of Gee’s Bend (center). There’s quite a bit of Denyse Schmidt (far right card) influence as well in the center medallion and the back. I keep a pin board and sketchbook of things that catch my eye, and lots of scribbled notes. I never know exactly when or how they will show up in my work, but they are very important. I occasionally look back on older sketchbooks and still find informative things waiting in them.

Now I need to find the time to deliver the quilt. The girls live on Kauai and their mom is a long time family friend so I’m pretty sure we need to take this in person — because who wouldn’t want to spend a long weekend on a Hawaiian isle with friends?