20 May

Decisions, Decisions

Obviously, with there being a good month between here and there, I’m going to need a project or two to work on. Ideally, this should be small enough (and with TSA approved components) to travel on a plane, yet with large enough bits that I can work on it in the bouncy environment of a plane or car. It should also be something already in the queue — not something completely new. Here’s what I’m considering:

Road Trip Project option 1
The crochet afghan inspired by one my great grandmother made. TSA and car-friendly, especially as I can work on it without my reading glasses. Awfully bulky to carry through an airport though. Maybe I mail it to my aunt at our first stop and work on it in the car as we drive cross country.

Road Trip Project option 2
The Service Flag quilt which keeps getting set aside because of higher priority projects and because it’s too big to be easily portable. This project will have to get packed up and I’ll see it on the other end in July.

Road Trip Project option 3
The next Apron in my series. I think I know what I want to do with it, but I’m not quite sure, and I haven’t had time to try things out. If I can steal some time this afternoon to make a few decisions and do a little prep work, this might offer some good handwork for the trip. Except that beads and sequins might not be especially practical for a traveling project…

Road Trip Project option 4
This cross stitch table runner I started probably 10 years ago, is perfectly small and portable, but I’m not sure I can count squares on that dark fabric in the poor light of a plane or car, even with my reading glasses. I may pack it just in case. It might work for evenings in hotels and friends’ houses.

Road Trip Project option 5
The universally accepted travel project: English Paper Piecing. Usually hexagons, mine is pentagons, diamonds and triangles. It’s not great in bumpy environments, but it’s not bad either. This will probably come along.

Road Trip Project option 6
Finally, the project I probably should be pulling together, the next Twelve by Twelve challenge. During most of the time allotted for this challenge, I have been focused on my website rebuild and our impending move, then we’ll be on the road. I won’t be able to give it the thought I usually do, but I have an initial idea I can make travel friendly. I think that’s probably a better plan than skipping this theme altogether.