20 Sep


Last night the kids went to movie night at their taekwondo studio and I had  a Saturday night to myself. I thought maybe I’d go to Waikiki and listen to music at one of the hotels, or otherwise pretend I was a tourist. My go-to parking lot was full though, and at the other end of the strip, I found coin parking, but without a clear idea of what I was going to do or where I was going to go, I didn’t think I had enough quarters. So I went home. I felt like such a wimp.

Today, Sunday, I offered that we go to Hickam Air Force Base to see the airshow, but my heart wasn’t really into hassling with parking and crowds, and besides, my son had been to the show on Friday with school and I’m not that into airplanes. So I didn’t mind when they chose instead to take up a friend’s invitation to play at his house. I said I’d pick them up at 3:00.

I came home and read some blogs, and found out that the Thunderbirds would be flying today at 3:00. Hmmm. The friend’s house is in the Airforce/Navy housing area near Hickam. Hmmm. Their house is next to a large park. I put my camera in my purse and left a little early.

The first plane zoomed by just as I was pulling up to the house. It is impossible not to be impressed by the speed of these planes, and how unimaginably close together they fly. And the noise! It was a bit of a game hearing the planes and then guessing where they’d show up. One flew so close that my camera actually tried to focus on it as it went by, but failed because of the jet’s speed.

I think I’m OK again with taking advantage of all there is to see and do here.