22 Jan

We Like Skirts

I’ve made lots of simple little girls skirts now. The tiered one originally posted by 3 Peas, now by Kuky Ideas, is a regular here, Chez La Flamme. I don’t think I ever posted this fairy one, which was probably the first:

You may recognize this one as one of three for a birthday party (I like the addition of a little woven ribbon trim):

Of course, being in Hawaii, we branched out to a hula skirt as well, with a very tedious three rows of elastic (NOT the celophane grass and coconut bra type):

(You’re ignoring the wrinkles on all these, right?)

Recently, I found that I had amassed large enough pieces of fabric to actually make clothes. I had bought a pretty yellow Alexander Henry print to make a blouse for me, but it was the wrong color (fodder for another post), and then Tia sent me a bunch of Kaffe Fasset prints. It was a perfect combination to try another ruffle skirt tutorial, this time from Grand Revival:

Again, with some extra trim. If I do this one again (and I probably will). I will add a few inches to the length of all the strips. As it was, I did not use the measurements from the tutorial, but larger ones for a size 7 from the magazine article she posted to her Flickr account. Still, unless your girl is stick thin, I’d add a little more room for twirling.