13 Sep

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop: My Day

It’s my day over at The Sketchbook Challenge to share something about Houses and Hideaways. I like this theme because, if you click on the Galleries tab above, you’ll see lots of houses in the Villages and Rooted Series. I’ll share a few of my favorites here, but be sure to pop over to the Sketchbook Challenge blog to see how I make these little homes.

Since my solo show, The Army Wife, is on view this month, here’s a detail of one of the aprons, Torn From the Roots, which has a row of collaged houses:

Torn detail


I also love Pink House



…which led to the simpler Heart House, below. I really liked stitching directly onto the raw canvas, and plan to do more like this in the future.

Heart House sm


More is often more though, like in this detail of Rooted IX, which I donated to SAQA for this year’s annual benefit auction. By the way, the reverse auction for this piece (and many others) starts September 23, but the fundraiser has already started with many other wonderful work from other SAQA members!

Rooted9 detail

At the end of 2010 I made a mosaic of the year’s house quilts and other artwork. That was a big house year:

HOuse Mosaic 2010


It’s been a while since I’ve made a house piece, so now that I just painted up a bunch of little house bits, I’m looking forward to making some new house art soon.


02 Sep

Hi September!

There’s lots of good stuff happening this month.

SAQA’s annual benefit auction is coming up soon, on Monday the 9th. I have a piece in it this year (on page 3b), as do many other member artists. There’s lots of beautiful pieces to look at, and maybe even purchase…

The Sketchbook Challenge theme is Houses and Hideaways and we’ll be doing a blog hop a little later in the month (stay tuned)…

Twelve Months, Sponsor's Social, Medallion for an Army Family, and Connections

And, we hung my show at McGuffey Art Center! I’ll take more photos soon, when all the lights are properly adjusted and the room is looking it’s best, and hopefully some “action” shots on Friday at the opening reception. Maybe I’ll get really tricky and do a video walk through. Speaking of walk-through, I’ll be giving an artist talk on Sunday the 15th, after which I invite any local SAQA members to come for a meet-up (I’m not sure exactly where yet, but I’ll find a local restaurant this week). In addition to my show, the Watercolor Guild is having it’s annual show in the hall galleries and there is some fabulous work.

Connections, Unraveling, Be Strong Always, Non-Entity, and Hanging by a Thread

23 Aug




This month’s theme on The Sketchbook Challenge blog is Journeys. You’d think that with all the traveling and visitors we’ve had this summer, I’d have a sketchbook full of journey drawings, but no. Instead, I’ve shared a journey of a different type. I use my sketchbooks most often as a step along the way from idea to finished art. With my show coming up, it seemed apropos to share Army Wife-related notes and thumbnails. So, go get a peek at my messy sketchbook pages and the finished textile narratives they led to here.

20 Nov

The Sketchbook Challenge

I’ve recently been invited to join the bloggers at The Sketchbook Challenge. You can now find me over there at least once a month. The blog is inspired by Sue Bleiweiss’s book of the same name, and encourages readers to work in a sketchbook as often and in as many ways as possible. There is no one “right” way to use a sketchbook and the variety of contributors is intended to demonstrate that.

November’s theme is an autumnal Spice of Life. I wrote about creating a new sketchbook with spice colored pages. Recently, my friend Terry blogged about gathering and preserving Fall leaves. Serendipitously, my family and I had just been out hiking and gathering our own autumn leaves, which I used in my spiffy book.

Filling in Leaves

I traced each different kind of leaf we collected, overlapping them as I went. Then I used a black pen, two brown markers, and a white charcoal pencil (because I can’t find my opaque white pen) and filled in the sections doodle-style. Looking back at the November SC posts, I see that not only did Terry post about leaves, but Frances posted about Zentangles which are essentially the same idea of filling in shapes with patterns. I love it when things all come together!

12 Oct

Cabin of Curiosities

Lately I’ve been working on getting back in touch with my long abandoned drawing skills. To that end, I’ve joined a life drawing group, and I took Melanie Testa’s online creative journalling class. I’ve also been periodically poking around The Sketchbook Challenge blog. This month’s theme is Cabinet of Curiosities. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, because on my aunt and uncle’s property is “The Dragon House,” which, for all intents and purposes, is a cabin of curiosities!

You must pass the spooky tunnel to get there.

Cabin of Curiosities

And watch out for the guard at the door!

Cabin of Curiosities

But inside is so worthwhile as it is filled with fascinating bones and nests and bits and bobs.

Cabin of Curiosities

If you’re really lucky, my aunt will spin a yarn about one thing or the other, but that is usually reserved for the younger generation.

I borrrowed a few bones and drew them in my journal on a page already started with a camo texture and some fabric bits.