22 Dec

Odds and Ends

Which seems to be an acceptable blog topic.

First off, I finally made the sandwich wraps I saw ages ago on The Small Object blog. For some reason her tutorial has disappeared, but it’s pretty easy to figure out how to make these. I was seduced by the coated Hawaiian fabrics at Fabric Mart, so these have wipeable hibiscus on the interior and coordinating fabrics on the exterior. Robin made some too (us lunch-packing parents have a lot of the same things on our to-make lists!) and went the extra mile using friendlier PUL fabric on the interior. I’ll do that for the next go-around and probably put regular Hawaiian print cotton on the outside. Duh.

In update news, our worms seem to be doing fine. I suspect we’re feeding them a bit too much right now, so I’ve been putting some of our scraps in the freezer for later when we’ve got fewer people in the house or more worms in the bin. It looks like there are more castings at the bottom of the bin so I think they are accomplishing something. They seem pretty active too, so that’s a good sign.

The terrariums seem to be holding up too, despite no flies for the fly trap in my son’s room and overzealous watering from my daughter. I pronounce these good kid-friendly projects.

I am NOT happy with the 100% PLA fiber batting I used for my son’s bed quilt. It condensed in the wash and lost most of it’s soft puffiness. It really doesn’t seem to like going in the dryer as the quilt seems a little more supple when it dries in the sun. I would not buy it again. I still have the 50/50 PLA/cotton batt slated for daughter’s quilt. I’m hoping I’ll like it better. I’ll look for bamboo batt the next time I’m shopping for batting

In touristing news, we went to see BODIES: The Exhibition (no photos allowed) which was absolutely fascinating — even to the kids. What a great way to get them interested in how our bodies are made and work. After that, we visited Iolani Palace, the only royal residence in the United States (no photos allowed) which is modest compared to European royal residences, but quite beautiful. The next day the sun finally showed itself and we went to the water park (no time for photos). We bought season passes and I’m sure we’ll be getting our money’s worth. Even Opa deemed it great with rides for everyone from teeny kids through teens and a visiting football team to senior couples, plenty of shade, nice landscaping, and an all around happy environment.

Speaking of no photos, I received wonderful goodie boxes from Katrin and Gerrie (lazy blogger that I am, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve their generosity, but I’m very thankful as the gifts are delicious). I owe pictures of their contents but haven’t felt like uploading yet.

18 Nov

Thanks For the Inspiration

Robin and her daughter inspired us. Particularly since my son has been trying unsuccessfully to grow a venus fly trap for years. We had one as a houseplant in Germany, but it died (probably from lack of watering) after about a month. We tried one here in Hawaii in a pot on our lanai, but it died after about a week. He recently saw a terrarium of carnivorous plants in a catalog and then Robin’s project sealed the deal. We went shopping for supplies yesterday and got straight to work.

Here’s the girl version:

And here’s the boy version:

Thanks Robin!!