07 Nov

Inspiration Sunday

Sunday again and time to post another inspiration. Last week I promised more tropical designs. I would be remiss if I didn’t include taro (also called kalo) in a Hawaiian collection. The ancients considered kalo to be the older brother of mankind — to be respected and honored, but that which also sustains man. The starchy staple foodstuff, poi, is made from kalo corms and is greyish purple in color. The leaves have a distinctive heart shape, and are also used in cooking.

I tried an illustration of the corm, but preferred the simpler leaf shape. The purple background and the circles are my reference to poi.

(click for a closer look)

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01 Dec


I got hit by the Hawaii bug quicker than I thought I would. It’s not a Hawaiian quilt I’ve made though, it’s fabric designs.

Just walking around my neighborhood got the ideas flowing. I started sketching, and then working up more finished designs, just to see what they’d look like. The Twelve by Twelve Passion challenge ended up being just the push I needed to try printing my designs via Spoonflower.


With the fabrics in hand, there were, of course, refinements that needed making, though I used what I had for the next projects.

Along with the Twelve by Twelve art quilt, I also made coasters, tissue holders, and pillows — to fill out a proposal to fabric companies. I’ve been quiet about these, thinking that perhaps I could persuade some big fabric company to pick them up.


Half a dozen rejections, and some soul searching about reality, later, I’ve decided to take a different tack. In a perfect world, a fabric company would love these designs as much as I do, and print them as the type of quality cottons I enjoy buying from my local quilt shop. However, I’m a little fish in a big turbulent sea, and tropical prints make the viability even less.

So, I’m going to show them off here. I’m going to make things with them (eventually). Since they are at Spoonflower anyway, I’m making them available for purchase there (just click here). And if, by chance, anyone sees potential in them, I have a bunch more ideas in my head waiting for an excuse to come out.

I’m calling the collection “Kunia,” after the neighborhood where I live and am inspired.

Kunia fabric logo