28 Jan

Knit Night

When I posted about my new Aran sweater, I mentioned that it was to trade off with my other favorite winter sweater.

Sweatshirt Sweater


Behold the Sweatshirt Sweater by Purl Soho. Like a favorite sweatshirt, this is the coziest, easy to wear sweater — and perfect for the sweater-knitting initiate. I added a hood to mine just for fun. I wear it out with jeans and boots, but mostly I like to lounge around the house in it and a comfy pair of velour sweatpants.

PS: I’m knitting my first sock in this photo, and after three tries it’s coming out quite nicely.

31 Dec

Knit Night

I Heart Aran Sweater
Knit Night is on Wednesdays and now that I’ve amassed a pretty nice collection of hand knits, I think share them here “in situ.” I finished this I Heart Aran sweater just in time to wear during our coldest months. I was looking for something that I could swap out with the Sweatshirt Sweater I knit last year — and wore nearly every day from December through February. I admired this sweater on another Knit Night pal and with her assurance that it was a straightforward knit, I requested appropriate yarn last Christmas and started knitting in October. Yesterday’s maiden voyage proved this will be the perfect addition to my winter sweater wardrobe.

I Heart Aran Sweater
The sweater close up. Here’s the Ravelry link to my project, and to the pattern from Tanis Fiber Arts.

I Heart Aran Sweater
I loved knitting this neck. It was so satisfying to pick up all the stitches and see the pretty ribbing grow, and to have it all turn out so neatly. Sewing knitting used to scare me. Now it doesn’t. Kitchener stitch is another story.

25 Jan

Hey Teach

Do you knit? Then you’ve no doubt contemplated this pattern. I even contemplated it myself, despite my novice knitter status (so it can’t be too intimidating a pattern). Lucky me, my sister jumped in and knit one up for my birthday!

I have got to say that it fits great, looks great (IMHO), and is perfect for those chilly Hawaiian winter mornings and evenings. I love it both fluffy like mine, and lighter like the Knitty one. OK, go now. Knit one for yourself, it’s worth it.