01 Nov

My Happy Students

Once a week I teach a beginning patchwork and quilting class at my local city park. Last session we made a sampler quilt. This session I wanted the students to have a little more instant gratification. I posted about the projects here.

And the gratification is paying off. Dez made her tote in class and then went home and used the concepts learned to make a bigger one to carry all her fabrics in (yeah, I know — it’s been a while since my entire stash fit in one bag).

Kathleen’s tote is her favorite color. She was skeptical about the pillow since one of her fabrics was pretty slippery and giving her fits. But she bounced in this morning soooo pleased with the finished product!

Jason is my repeat student. He’s almost completed his sampler and is now collecting quilt patterns and fabric for future projects. We’re pretty sure everyone on his christmas gift list will be getting either a filled tote, or a pillow!

We started our table runners today and I am so excited with the variety. They’re going to be great!