20 Feb

Figure Friday

Figure Friday: Snow Day Edition

I’m sure most people are familiar with the juggling of schedules and expectations when there’s a snow day at school. I’m in the enviable position that my kids are now old enough to be able to be left home alone if they don’t have school but I still have commitments. Also, my not having a job outside the house makes me quite flexible. Most working parents, especially those of young kids just don’t have that luxury. This is the long way of me saying that because of Thursday’s Snow Day, and the unavailability of an alternate model, our scheduled model had to bring her four-year-old to our drawing session.


Snow Day 1

No problem. We’re not picky about what we get to draw. We had a G rated session and our young guest was eager to get on stage himself. Gotta draw quick though — even the most motivated Kindergartners can’t stand still for long.


Snow Day 2

Next, he let mom model, and our engenue joined the other artists in drawing.


Snow Day 3

We had a few mother son poses, and even pulled it all together for one where he was both modeling and drawing.


Snow Day 4

And finally, if our guest and his mom were modeling, then it stood to reason that others in the room should model too. These are his drawings of me on stage for the last pose. I was sitting on the floor with one leg extended, the other crossed over, and my chin on my hand with my elbow on my knee. I think he totally captured all that!

Though not our normal routine, it was a fun and challenging (in a good way) morning of figure drawing. I won’t go so far as to say “bring on the snow days,” but I’m totally OK with “bring your kid to drawing group” days.