22 Dec


One week in to this daily portrait project and I’m still doing it.

Some things I’m learning: I keep making my eyes and glasses very big (check out my nifty new glasses though!). The portraits are necessarily short (less than 30 minutes) otherwise I’d never have a chance to do anything else. Skipping a day is problematic because doing two in one day is tiresome (note the top two drawings — the left one is nice, the right one I aborted). Stopping mid portrait to let the kids in the house, answer the phone, or work on dinner messes with my momentum and pose and is therefore also problematic. Oh, and I have way too much hair to draw.

Some things others have noticed: I look grumpy. Will we be seeing 365 of essentially the same pose?

I’m doing these portraits from life. It’s not easy to strike a pose in a mirror and then leave the pose to look at the paper and then return to it to draw again, and so on. Smiling adds another degree of difficulty. Maybe I’ll include some drawings from photos. Maybe I’ll draw other body parts (I’m living in my cute mushroom house-shoes these days and have been tempted on several occasions to draw them). Maybe I’ll take a favorite drawing or photo and do several versions in different media such as stencils or fabric. I’ve got time — there’s still 357 days to go.

Just in case anyone was wondering if I’ve given up fabric and stitch, I’ve not. I’m working on several aprons right now. One is a reworking, two are new concepts.

Take two

18 Dec



Vanity compels me to post self portrait number two. This one looks so much more like me, and so much better than portrait number one.


While I’m at it, I’ll post a few more. This one is pretty and I had fun with the colors. it’s not quite me though.


Back to the smooshed nose and funny mouth of #1, but I wanted to try adding my hand. There will definitely be more of this. One can never draw too many hands, They are hard and require lots of practice. Eyes do too. Eyes are fickle because one errant line can change a whole expression. Using the oil pastels has been hard regarding eyes. I definitely can’t get in with enough detail, and I can’t erase those misplaced lines. I’ll do some work in pencil and concentrate on eyes, but for now, I’m having fun with the fat juicy color and looseness of the pastels. I plan on taking them to life drawing class and trying whole bodies.

Speaking of life drawing, I seem to be collecting a series of “Nudes in Chairs.” I kind of like where this is going. I’m out of Kraft paper though and will need to get more if the series is to continue. I also took a look back at some drawings I saved from art school. They are very careful, softly shaded colored pencil drawings not all that different from what I’m doing now. Either I have not grown or evolved much in the last 25+ years, or I have a voice to which I have not been giving enough credit.