16 Jan

Two Finishes!

I dawdled through November and December thinking that I had all the time in the world to everything that I wanted to do. Then January came and suddenly the time between now and March seems like a blip! I’ve got lots of things in progress, and finally some that I can cross off my list.

This is Not a Pot Holder

Last year, I had the pleasure of seeing one of the SAQA Trunk Shows at a local DC/MD/WV regional meeting. It was inspiring and educational to see so many members’ textile work up close and in the cloth. The variety was wonderful. The end of this month is the due date for submissions to the 2014 Trunk Show and I decided that I needed to participate. I have a hard time working so small (all pieces must be 7″ x 10″), and we often lament that people see such small works as “nice potholders,” (I admit myself to seeing small work not as quilts but as textile art that happens to have some layers). Anyway, I got my snark on and riffed off Magritte’s “Treachery of Images.


I’ve also been invited to participate in an upcoming art and ecology project at McGuffey Art Center utilizing recycled/upcycled materials.

Plastic bag wings

Using plastic bags, I made yarn (more properly, “plarn”) and knit up a wing/cape thing for someone in the participating dance troupe to wear.

Plastic bag wings

I’m thinking that I’d also like to make a fish trap to display since plastic’s effect on waterways is a big theme of the show. Hopefully I’ll have time to make one.

First though, I’m off to work on a submission for our regional show in conjunction with the upcoming SAQA conference. It feels good to be done with these projects though, and to be pleased with how they turned out.