02 May

Hawaii Quilt Guild 25th Anniversary Show

I returned to the Linekona on Friday morning to be a quilt sitter (or docent, as I prefer) at the Quilt Guild show — and this time I remembered my camera!

None of my quilts are visible in these shots as they were on the fringe, but the photos do give a very good feeling for the space and the look of the show as a whole.

27 Apr

Hawai’i Quilt Guild

I’ve been remiss. I’ve forgotten to mention that the Hawai’i Quilt Guild (of which I am a member) is having their 25th Anniversary quilt show this week! I helped to hang the show last Monday and completely forgot to bring my camera. There’s a small write-up in the Honolulu Star bulletin here. Be sure to click on “view more photos” below the picture as there are eight more quilts.

The opening was last Thursday. The space (the Linekona building at the Honolulu Art Academy) is lovely — nice high ceilings, movable walls and lots of light. The building also has an expansive entrance porch (or lanai) which was decked out with scrumptious food by several Guild members. This was definitely a well attended event and for good reason. Great food outside, and lots of colorful quilts inside.

When hanging the show, I had my “gallery” head on and kept trying to give things space and interesting vignettes. Stacy, the organizer, kept telling me, “no, hang it higher so we can fit more in, add this, do that, don’t forget that one over there…” I was doubtful early on, but she knew what we had to deal with and had the vision, and once it was all done, it really did come together wonderfully. It is a non-juried show and highlights well the variety of talents and interests of the guild members. In toto, the high walls covered with quilts plus more hanging from the ceiling, and many flowers, made for a sensory riot of color and pattern. You have to smile when you walk in.

So, if you happen to be in Honolulu this week, please make time to stop by the Linekona on Victoria Street (mauka of the Blaisedell Center).

Since I forgot my camera, the photo above is of the blossoms my daughter’s hula teacher showed me how to put together for the girls to wear in their hair for their end-of-session performance. We have a great park next to the kids’ school that offers VERY affordable programs. I support it as much as possible.