08 Nov

IQF Houston: Part 1

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the International Quilt Festival in Houston is no exception. Like last year, I’ll break down my experience into several posts.

First, the most important and bestest reason to go this year: to see the Twelve by Twelve exhibit and to meet eight of the other eleven twelves, many of whom I’d never met in person!

Our exhibit area was two bracket shaped “walls” of drapes facing each other to form somewhat of a room. Flanking each side of the entrance were informational signs and our boldest Colorplay sets. It invited people in perfectly.

Twelve by Twelve Special Exhibit at IQF Houston

The big sign explained the project and credited our sponsor, The Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection as without Del’s support and enthusiasm the exhibit probably wouldn’t have happened. The other side plugged our book, which was a much bigger hit than we anticipated.

Twelve by Twelve Special Exhibit at IQF Houston

In fact, the whole experience was more than we anticipated. I expected people to walk through and say that it was nice, but I was blown away by how many people said it was the best exhibit in the whole show! Inside the exhibit were all the Theme series quilts and two tables for us to sit at and sign books or rest our feet. For the most part though, we were up and chatting with all the viewers. The more we told our story, the better people liked the work.

Twelve by Twelve Special Exhibit at IQF Houston

There was a steady stream of people all day every day, admiring our work. Amazing.

Twelve by Twelve Special Exhibit at IQF Houston

One outer wall showing Colorplay quilts.

Twelve by Twelve Special Exhibit at IQF Houston

We all took turns signing books at the Quilting Books Unlimited booth. Cathy Neri is so enthusiastic about our book and it was great teamwork to share book sales with her.

IQF Houston 2011

In our “off” hours we had the best time hanging out together, be it at dinner in a restaurant, in the hotel bar/breakfast room/lounge, or in one of our rooms.

9 of 12 Twelve by Twelve members meet in Houston
Dinner our first night: Karen, Terri (almost hidden), Nikki, Diane, Brenda, Terry, Deborah, and Gerrie. It’s worthwhile to click on everyone’s links and see their photos and commentary as well. I ended up not getting any pictures of myself, or more importantly, the paper stand-ins of the three Twelves who couldn’t be present that Gerrie made and we took with us most everywhere we went.

9 of 12 Twelve by Twelve members meet in Houston
Dinner our third night: Deborah, Diane, Terri, Karen (behind the wine), Brenda, Gerrie (behind Terry), Terry, and Nikki.

9 of 12 Twelve by Twelve members meet in Houston

Deep in discussion in the lounge: Diane, Nikki, and Gerrie

We exchanged gifts one night and Nikki made us each journals with hand painted paper and beaded spines. Not sure what prompted Deborah to rub the beads on her cheek but it was pretty funny when we all followed suit.

9 of 12 Twelve by Twelve members meet in Houston

Diane, Terri, and Deborah

Technology ruled and kept us (mostly) in touch with each other, those buying our books, and the outside world.

9 of 12 Twelve by Twelve members meet in Houston

Brenda and Diane reading lovely comments on Facebook, and keeping track of expenses on the iPad.

Compared to last year when I made sure to see every exhibit and walk each vendor row, this time I was perfectly content to stay in out Twelve by Twelve area and get to know my old friends a bit better and to interact with our surprisingly enthusiastic viewers. I have some quilt photos and purchases that I’ll share in the next posts, but really, the best part of the experience was hanging with the Twelves! I miss my sisters (and Quilt Mom) already.

14 Oct

Quilt Festival

The quilt/craft blogs have been a-flutter for the last few days with all the Quilt Market excitement. Maybe some day I will be able to attend  as an exhibitor or retailer and join in all the fun (and hard work!). I’m not holding my breath though. On Thursday, the Market turns into the Festival, which IS open to the public. This I would also like to attend someday — which actually could happen. For now though, I am content that at least one of my quilts is there.

Rooted VII: Aquifer  ©2009 Kristin La Flamme

If you are at the Festival, please stop by the Tactile Architecture exhibit and say hi to my quilt!

UPDATE: Vicky is in Houston and sent me a photo of my quilt with it’s neighbors:


Thank you so much Vicky.