10 Jul

On Procrastination and Stickiness

(Doesn’t really have anything to do with this post, but she is pretending to work. Montpelier Station, VA)

I’ve been noticing some patterns in my work habits.

Work moves quickly and smoothly if I have a pretty clear vision of what I want to create and the process by which I’ll create it. For example, the sun prints. I know the basic look I want to achieve and I’m pretty sure some type of sun print is the way to get it. I don’t quite know which paint or dye will work best, but that’s a minor detail that I’m happy to work out with tests of each one. So that is moving along well.

Work also moves forward if I am motivated to make progress, and I can see evidence of it, even if it’s incremental. For example, the apron with all the french knot stars. That was slow going, but I was liking what I was creating and was motivated to continue working until it was done rather that set it aside to make quicker progress on something else. Removing the quilting from the Suck it Up quilt was kind of the same. It was tedious, but I could see progress and wanted to get all the layers separated so that I could move on to the next phase.

Then there are the projects I am stuck on. If I can’t wrap my head around some aspect of a project, I can’t seem to move forward. Or, if I know something needs to be done, but I don’t like doing that thing, then I’ll seriously procrastinate. I’m supposed to be creating a logo for my husband’s and two neighbors’ home brew project (which should be totally exciting!) but I need to scan a drawing and I’ve been avoiding trying to figure out the scanner because it didn’t work last time I tried. With no quilting to take out this morning, and still waiting on blue dye and detergent, I decided to finally try scanning. Wouldn’t you know, we’ve bought a new scanner/printer/copier since I last tried to scan, and it worked perfect on the first try! Why did I wait so long? I’m also dragging my heels on the Marriage Equality quilt project because I don’t use WordPress and Headway often enough to be comfortable with the interface, and web development makes me want to pull my hair out. It also reminds me that I have behind the scenes housecleaning I should do on my website and I don’t feel like I know enough about how all that stuff works to actually do the job so I just go straight into avoidance mode.

Sometimes, though, working on one thing will shake something else loose. I needed to update and order a few portfolio books of my Army Wife series for my upcoming show, and then make a promotional postcard, and get new business cards while I was at it. As long as I had my designer hat on, I decided to do some minor changes to my SIL’s quilt guild’s logo, which I had been avoiding because I wasn’t sure if I could even open the files (and there were quite a few of them of different types). Turns out all I needed was that kick in the pants because I was able to easily open and update all the files. Whew, one project done and out of the way. The portfolio update took longer than I expected, like most projects, but it’s in Apple’s hands now. Business cards are uploaded, and I’m waiting on a logo from the Art Center to finish my postcards. I like it when I can move past the procrastination and accomplish something.

Maybe now I’ll work on that beer logo (unless my Retayne arrives and I can get back to Suck it Up).