17 Apr

Easter Crafting

Our guests arrived the day before Easter, so I felt like I should do a little something for all the kids. My kids and I dyed a dozen eggs (nothing fancy, just basic dunking in basic colors) so we could have a hunt in the yard.

I made one that match so perfectly the hibiscus leaves that it took the kids four tries to find it.

I also made four baskets, though I didn’t bother to photograph them when they were fresh and full.

The baskets are woven from cardboard boxes (for four baskets: a lego box, a six pack, a cereal box, a box of Borax, and a case of soda). I found instructions/inspiration on Craft Stylish. I filled the baskets with shredded paper, a cute tin of M&Ms, Peeps, a blown egg filled with confetti (THAT was fun!), and some japanese biscuits with cute packaging. Each kid got a bunny monster of my own design as well. The two girls got cute purple ones made from leftover purple stretch velvet, and the boys got slightly zombie-esque ones made from outgrown T-shirts. ┬áThe bunnies are soft and squishy and were very well received — which sort of surprised me considering the recipients are tweens!

16 Nov

New Pets

Every now and then you run across a blog, a Flickr page, or Etsy shop that grabs you a little bit. When you run across it again, you say “yeah, I like that!” And by the third stumble, if you haven’t already, you bookmark it. I’ve been lurking at Melissa Stanley’s blog for a few months now, in love with her crocheted creatures, and her little houses with legs! What goes better with roots than legs?

Free Range Studio Monster

Then Melissa went and added this little free range studio monster to the shop and put me over the edge. He’s so cute I had to have him. He’s not in my studio though. Hubby and son thought he belonged in the living room — where he’s terrorizing the Baba Yaga House I also purchased, and two mod birds who happen to have legs too.


18 Oct

A Seasonal Diversion

My daughter saw some cute skull-themed kitties in one of those catalogs of cheap toys and craft supplies. I liked the idea, but knew we could make something of better quality at home. I went to my go-to basic softie pattern from Wee Wonderfuls and whipped this out:

I couldn’t make something just for my daughter and leave my son out in the cold, so I used to opportunity to make a monster I had been toying with.

I love all the softie monsters I’ve been seeing (check out all the monsters in my Flickr Favorites), but had to put my own twist on this. The answer was in tiki inspiration and BDU fabric.

Ha! is not only and interjection and part of a laugh, it is Hawaiian for breath. Zipper mouths rock.