07 Dec

December 7th

My BIL emailed me this morning to ask what it feels like to be on Oahu on December 7th. Hmmm. Is Sunday a slow blog day and he’s bored? Oh, I missed something. Better check CNN. Duh, it’s “The Day That Lived In Infamy.” The day Pearl Harbor was bombed and started the US in WWII. If the house across the street would nudge a little to the left we could see Pearl Harbor. Yup, it’s still there. Looks quiet. My neighbors of Japanese descent to the right went to work today. My neighbors of Hawaiian and Korean descent to the left are finishing off installing a new wood floor. A German friend offered to mail me Lebkuchen for Christmas. It appears that, at least in my little corner of the world, we’re over it. Perhaps there will be fireworks or something tonight. Although, if there were, I probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate them from the noisemaker fireworks the teens down the street insist on setting off each and every night. OK, apparently we missed a memorial service at the USS Arizona this morning:

Highlights of the ceremony will include music by the U.S. Pacific Fleet Band, morning colors, a Hawaiian blessing, a rifle salute by members of the U.S. Marine Corps, wreath observations, echo taps and recognition of the men and women who survived that December 7, 1941, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Maybe next year. Meanwhile, life was almost normal here. I do have the pleasure of enjoying two gifts that arrived in the mail from internet friends this week.

Jude sent me this little “Spirit Cloth” since I admired it in progress. She says it was inspired by me a little (roots on the heart, maybe?). I am so inspired by her and her process that I just can’t see how she could be inspired by me though. I was going to frame this, but now I’m thinking it might be great sewn to a pillow for my bedroom. She also included a great piece of vintage palm tree fabric. I love their retro funkiness!

I also won a sock monkey naming contest over at Gennine‘s blog. I got the better end of the deal because she sent me a set of lovely postcards to send or frame. I think I’ll do a bit of both. These are high quality prints.

At risk of sounding like we’re more eco-friendly and educational-project-oriented than we really are, our big activity today, December 7th, was to start vermicomposting. After years of excuses as to why we couldn’t compost (too small a space and not staying in one place long enough to reap the benefits being the biggies) I decided that worming actually might fit our lifestyle. We went to a Green Fair yesterday to talk to Mindy of Waikiki Worms and she agreed that, yes, we’d make fine vermiculturists.

This morning she called to say she’d be in our area and could deliver our quarter pound of starter worms. So, crafty daughter and I got to work drilling holes in a plastic tub (yippee for purging our belongings and having several empty tubs around) and shredding newspaper and cardboard for bedding.

The worms arrived and the tub was approved. We’ve given them lunch (muffin papers with crumbs, peas and an apple core) and can’t wait to see what happens.

December 7th in Hawai’i isn’t that much different than any other day.