20 Nov

The Sketchbook Challenge

I’ve recently been invited to join the bloggers at The Sketchbook Challenge. You can now find me over there at least once a month. The blog is inspired by Sue Bleiweiss’s book of the same name, and encourages readers to work in a sketchbook as often and in as many ways as possible. There is no one “right” way to use a sketchbook and the variety of contributors is intended to demonstrate that.

November’s theme is an autumnal Spice of Life. I wrote about creating a new sketchbook with spice colored pages. Recently, my friend Terry blogged about gathering and preserving Fall leaves. Serendipitously, my family and I had just been out hiking and gathering our own autumn leaves, which I used in my spiffy book.

Filling in Leaves

I traced each different kind of leaf we collected, overlapping them as I went. Then I used a black pen, two brown markers, and a white charcoal pencil (because I can’t find my opaque white pen) and filled in the sections doodle-style. Looking back at the November SC posts, I see that not only did Terry post about leaves, but Frances posted about Zentangles which are essentially the same idea of filling in shapes with patterns. I love it when things all come together!

08 Oct

Just in Case You’re More Organized Than I…

… and are maybe ready to start thinking about holiday crafting.

I did a little, little bit of organizing in my blog sidebar.

The big addition is a button link to my downloadable pin cushion pattern over at Pink Chalk Fabrics! Kathy is all about customer service and now she’s set up to fulfill our instant gratification sewing needs. You can download my pattern today and have Christmas presents for your crafty friends done tomorrow!

Speaking of Christmas, my little addition is a link to the snowflake fairies tutorial I made a few years ago. It’s way down at the bottom of the sidebar (I couldn’t figure out how to break up all that linky stuff down there, so my tutorials got the shaft. It’s OK though because most of that stuff is also accessible from the “Patterns” tab way up top). May I suggest you click on the Mod Log Table Runner while you’re there, because it works great in all sorts of fabrics and will make wonderful presents for all your friends who don’t necessarily need pin cushions.