29 Sep

Lot 3

I’m pretty sure you can’t do 40s and 50s without pink. There’s no getting around it.

I saw this sort-of-set at the Pasadena City College Swap Meet (Pasadena, CA being home to all things California Pottery) and couldn’t pass it up. The handles on the cups matched the handles on my ringware. I had no ringware plates, so this solved that dilemma. Add a few vintage tablecloths (they all have pink) and I was good to go. These were our “company’s coming” dishes for a few years, but now I have my Polish Pottery and something’s gotta give.

Of course, you wouldn’t HAVE to go all pink and retro. I actually think that this compliments the current leaf and swirl trend very, very well. I was re-reading my “Complete Collector’s Guide to Bauer Pottery” last night and am back to thinking that this IS the Monterey Moderne pattern after all. Seems they made two styles of cups.

The majority of this group is in good to excellent (though not mint) condition. The five tea cups are excellent. There are eight saucers (nice to have a backup or two in case of breakage), 23 bread and butter plates (6.25″ dia.), seven pink luncheon plates (9.25″ dia.) plus one lone burgundy one, nine dinner plates (10.5″ dia.), two gravy boats in excellent condition, and one P pepper shaker with a chip on top. I seem to have lost the S shaker, unless it’s hiding in the missing box (in which case, I guess it’s still lost). The plates are mostly in good condition with a few excellent, and unfortunately one with clouding, and one with a crack. I am willing to sell everything you see here for $100 plus shipping since that’s essentially how I bought it. Because there are so many bread and butter plates I am also willing to entertain splitting the lot up, like say, 12 bread and butter plates plus the burgundy luncheon plate and gravy boat for one buyer and the rest to another.


Tomorrow will be another monochromatic day.

28 Sep

Lot 2

Nope, this isn’t quite the same as yesterday’s set, but it rocks the mid-century modern just the same.


But wait, it’s great with a romantic contemporary look as well.

The cup and saucer are Bauer (marked on the bottom). I used to think they were the Moneterey Moderne pattern (based on the saucer and colors), but according to this book, the cup handle and shape are more like El Chico or Al Fresco. Either way, They hail from the 1948 to 1962 era and are in excellent condition. The same goes for the bowl (5″ diameter), which is also Bauer and presumably part of the same line as the color is a perfect match. The vase, I’m not so sure about as it is unmarked. It may not be Bauer, although it is most definitely a contemporary. It is 6″ tall and unfortunately has a repaired petal and a quarter inch chip on one tip, as well as a tiny chip on two other tips. That doesn’t keep it from being an adorable accent though.

I also have these two Bauer Gloss Pastel batter bowls produced between 1939 and 1959. Before Mr. incredible hyperventilates, I’m not going to sell the both of them. The olive one has a chip on the lip, so we’ll keep that one, but the chartreuse is in excellent condition, so for the sake of a smaller overall collection, I’m willing to sell it. I also think that this one might work well on permanent loan to the Mom Collection of Things That Display Well in a Craftsman House (hint, hint).

I like these pieces together, so I’d be willing to sell them as a set if Mom doesn’t lay claim to the batter bowl.

I’d like $12 for the cup and saucer, $6 for the small bowl, and $40 for the batter bowl. I’ll throw in the vase as a freebie with any purchase. I forgot to say yesterday, that if anyone is interested in any of the pottery I post here, either leave a comment that you’re interested and we’ll continue the conversation off-line, or email me at me(at)kristinlaflamme(dot)com.

Tomorrow will look familiar, but in another color…