18 May

SAQA Online Gallery

I was asked a month or so ago to curate one of the monthly mini galleries on the SAQA website. Curators choose from the photos uploaded by the Juried Artist Members. I enjoyed browsing all the artwork and trying to pull together a cohesive group with a common thread I was excited about AND that hadn’t been explored already by another curator. I eventually decided to focus on the thing that brings me to this medium, the fabric!

Fabric and stitch. It’s what excites me about art quilts. I’ve chosen works that celebrate this with the use of domestic textiles, obvious quilt references, hand stitching and embellishments, exuberant use of commercial prints, and processes specific to fabric. These artworks need the fabric they are made with. They could not exist as wonderfully in another medium.

I invite you to look at Unabashedly Fabric, the gallery I curated — and enjoy the others while you’re there as well!