06 Feb

Figure Friday

Life Drawing: Theme and Variation

Check it out, McGuffey Art Center’s Figure Drawing: Theme and Variation is now an annual show! This year it is in the main gallery and it’s looking great. Many styles and media are represented and everyone outdid themselves with the quality of work. It’s also great fun to ferret out the same poses drawn from different angles by different artists.

On one of the movable walls is my stitched drawing, “Nice Jug.” Not seen in this photo is one of the drawings I later added stenciled texture to.





As if that weren’t enough, on the back wall I have three more drawings! One Jilted Lover, an oil pastel, and a charcoal drawing.

Life Drawing: Theme and Variation


Figure3 1.22.15





Join us for the opening reception tonight at McGuffey Art center, Charlottesville, VA from 5:30 to 7:30. Or, see the show throughout the month of February, 2015.

05 Feb

Privacy in America Group Show

Privacy in America is hung and already inspiring closer looks and conversation.

On the wall is “Temporary Safety” which was nearly done when the show was conceived and just perfect for the theme. I couldn’t be happier to finally see it hanging with other work asking similar questions.

Privacy in America Group Show

My work is just two Security Blankets hung with paintings, drawings, assemblages, and sculpture by my talented peers at McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville, VA. I have not previously shown my newest work, Exposed, in it’s entirety. It is two-sided and big and thus a pain to photograph, so I didn’t even bother. I will have it professionally photographed at the end of the show, but for now, in situ photos are as good as it gets. I am so happy with the way the exhibition comittee hung this piece. It really commands the hallway gallery.


Privacy in America Group Show


Please join us for a First Friday reception on February 6th from 5:30 to 7:30. If you can’t make it to the opening, the show will be on view through the month of February.

Privacy postcard email2

13 Jan

Privacy in America

I think I mentioned that February was going to be big. There’s the Home Fires show at Etui Fiber Arts, and the Fiber Art for a Cause 100 fundraiser.

And, there’s a group show at my favorite place, McGuffey Art Center, in Charlottesville, VA. The theme of the show is Privacy in America, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. My Security Blanket series fits perfectly. Temporary Safety and my newest finish, Exposed, will be part of this mixed media, group show. Come see it if you’re in the area in February (or make it a point to be in the area and come see the show).

Privacy postcard email2

29 Oct

Not One, But Two Exhibits

November is shaping up to be a big month for my art. I’ll be in Houston at the very beginning for the debut of the annual Dinner@8 exhibit premier (and a whole lot of quilt show fun and inspiration too).  My pixelated portrait, Selfie is part of the show.

But as soon as I return, there’s two more local exhibits I’m part of.

The first is McGuffey Art center’s art fundraiser. I’ve donated one 12×12 piece for the incredibly affordable $150 collection, plus my crazy quilted Flag from which 50% of the proceeds benefit the art center. There will be a preview and meet the artists on Wednesday November 5th. Plans have changed a bit and the art WILL be on sale at the preview. The usual First Friday opening will also be happening on the 7th. I hope to be there both nights. Come early for the best selection! I hope to see lots of red dots.

Art Fundraiser at McGuffey Art Center

MAC Fundraiser


Wait, there’s more. I also have three of my favorite figure drawings at Charlottesville’s brand new jewel box of a gallery, Yellow Cardinal. They will also be having  a First Friday opening on the 7th, so I’ll split my time between there and MAC. I am very excited about both of these shows because I know many of the artists involved and admire all of their work. I’m also looking forward to having many of their loyal followers see my work as well, since I have not been in town and showing long enough to gain much in the way of an audience for my work.

Life Drawing at Yellow Cardinal Gallery

Microsoft Word - Unwrapped flyer.docx

02 Oct

More Americana

Americana XVII

I’ve been working on a few more pieces in my Americana series. McGuffey Art Center is holding a benefit show in November to raise funds to replace all their hall lights with LEDs so as to save money on electricity and to keep the building cooler in the summer months. MAC artists were given 12×12 wooden boards, nicely mounted, on which to create the artwork of their choice or to advertise a service such as dance class or music instruction. All the 12×12 boards will be offered at $150 each with all the proceeds going to MAC. Any artist who donates a board can then also hang a piece of their choice in the main gallery and 50% of any of those sales will benefit MAC (the artist gets the other half).

I figured my Americana pieces would be perfect for this, so I picked up my board and got to work. I decided to glue my piece to the board and paint the edges with textured paint. While I was putting my 12×12 piece together, I had some scrap strips which made me think of the stripes in a flag. I was immediately inspired and pretty much dropped everything to work on these two pieces. I don;t know if it was the embroidery I had done on my submission to Quilt National (sorry, no peeks) or my chat with Allison Aller at Quilt!Knit!Stitch! in Portland, but I decided to connect each strip with crazy quilt embroidery.




It’s not easy to sew through painted fabric, but the effect was exactly what I had imagined. I also liked the way the painted and embellished 12×12 quilt portion looked glued to the board, so I assembled a similar board in flag proportions from hardware store supplies.


I love the completed flag!


21 Feb

I’m a Black Noddy

Black Noddy

My fellow McGuffey Art Center member Kate Samworth is recruiting artists to collaborate on an installation of marine species affected by plastics in the ocean. As part of a larger exhibit, Kate is planning on making a “quilt” of 7″x7″ images of affected animals. This blog post outlines the details of the project and provides a list of the unclaimed species. I’ve already claimed the Black Noddy, a species of bird known in Hawai’i as an Aku Bird (funny slang usage of the name here). If you are interested in contributing to the project with a drawing, photo, mixed media piece, etc. Kate would be thrilled. Information, mailing address, and list of animals is on the Art and Ecology Club  blog site here.

09 Feb

Life Drawing Show

Drawing Show MAC



I attend a weekly life drawing group at McGuffey Art Center, my local artists co-op. The center actually has three sessions, a weekday morning, a weekday evening, and a weekend morning. Understandably, this is a pretty popular resource in the art community. After at least a decade, the organizers are having a show of not just MAC members, but of work from anyone who attends any of the drawing sessions. The photo above is the hanging in progress.

Drawing Show MAC2


Here are three of my drawings, amongst the hundred or so on display. The show will be up for the month of February. Friday was the opening reception and it was great to see so many people upstairs enjoying the art. Usually the ground level gallery gets the majority of traffic, so it was fantastic to see the life drawing groups get some well-deserved attention.

19 Jan

Life Drawing

I haven’t posted anything from Life Drawing group in a while. I still attend almost weekly, and I still really enjoy it. Here’s my longer drawing from two weeks ago:

1/10/14 Figure drawing

Half the session is quick warm up drawings, and half the session is one or two longer poses so we can work things out a bit better.

Next month, McGuffey will be having an exhibit of drawings from anyone who participates regularly in any of the three drawing sessions available! It doesn’t matter if the artists are members or not. I’m excited about the show because I think that MAC is awesome for having not just one, but THREE drawing sessions, so that anyone can work it into their schedule, and that the sessions are open to everyone at all ranges of ability.

So, I tore all my most “finished” drawings from my sketchpads to see what I had to contribute. Here’s about a year of longer poses on my kitchen floor:

Some of the better ones

It’s going to be a good show!