28 Feb

A Little Touristy Diversion

The kids and I have spent the last two weeks entertaining guests — my MIL and her husband. This, of course, means we’ve been exploring the Islands again.

We hiked to Manoa Falls:
Manoa Falls Hike

We visited the Mighty Mo:
The Mighty Mo and the Arizona Memorial

We went to Maui and saw whales:
Maui Whalewatching

…especially mamas and babies, like this little one sticking it’s head out of the water:
Maui Whale Watching

The human kids were in charge of the underwater mic so we could hear the whales sing:
Jr Oceanographers

We went to Twin Falls off the road to Hana (the two wahine under the fall are me and Robin who, along with a wonderful gaggle of kids, joined us for the day):
Twin Falls Hike

And we went to the peak of Haleakala, where we were truly above the clouds:
Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa from Haleakala

Now our guests are wending their way back to the frigid Mainland, and I am preparing for the next wave.

04 Nov


The downside of being the mom is that I generally am the last one to get access to the computer (even though we currently have two). The upside is that both Robin and Mr. Incredible have already blogged about our weekend, so I could just leave this post with their links and go to bed.

Naw, you’ll get my take as well. But you do have to check out their blogs too because the photos are different.

Robin and I met and clicked at Art Quilt Tahoe in 2005 and have kept up with each other through our blogs since then. When my family moved to Oahu this summer Robin invited us to come visit. I doubt she expected us to take her up on it so soon, but Mr. Incredible wanted a Hawaiian adventure before he deploys.

I am so glad we did this. It was wonderful to get to know Robin and her family better, see a bit of Maui from a local’s view, and be a bit touristy ourselves. We had a long list of things we could do, but, as is my favorite way to travel, we only did what seemed right on each day. I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity in the next few years to go back and do a few more things from our list.

I’m still not tired of seeing rainbows — sometimes when you least expect them — like from the deck of the Super Ferry.

At Paia Bay we got pounded in the surf, but enjoyed it anyway. Boogie boarding changed to skim boards, which changed to digging holes in the sand. Moms talked.

Day two took us on the Swinging Bridges hike. Robin and Mr. Incredible have better pictures, but as he said he expected to see dinosaurs on Moloka’i, I expected to either be chased across the bridges by spear wielding natives, or sacrificed to a gargantuan gorilla here.

They say that between all the Hawaiian islands and all their elevations, one can experience all climates. Here’s a rather tropical looking tree from our morning hike…

…to be contrasted with the scrubby, near lunar landscape at the top of Haleakala that evening. We didn’t go all the way to the edge of this volcanic crater, but near enough that we witnessed a magnificent mountaintop sunset above the clouds. Maui reminded me a lot of California (the drought of the past several years probably helps the comparison), but in the Sierras, you see other peaks around you. Here, it was us and nothing else. If there had been no clouds we could have seen how small we are out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Rather humbling.

In between our outings, Robin and I talked. Talked about motherhood, artist-hood, goals, ideas, favorite blogs, cool things we’ve found online, stuff. As she says, although quilting brought us together, we don’t need it to keep the conversation going. And Robin, anytime you want to hang out on my island, you guys are welcome to come!

Say what you will about the dangers of the internet, but I have met so many creative, intelligent, interesting people via the internet whom I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise and I have learned so much from them and the parts of their life they share.