16 Nov

New Pets

Every now and then you run across a blog, a Flickr page, or Etsy shop that grabs you a little bit. When you run across it again, you say “yeah, I like that!” And by the third stumble, if you haven’t already, you bookmark it. I’ve been lurking at Melissa Stanley’s blog for a few months now, in love with her crocheted creatures, and her little houses with legs! What goes better with roots than legs?

Free Range Studio Monster

Then Melissa went and added this little free range studio monster to the shop and put me over the edge. He’s so cute I had to have him. He’s not in my studio though. Hubby and son thought he belonged in the living room — where he’s terrorizing the Baba Yaga House I also purchased, and two mod birds who happen to have legs too.


21 Jul

Illuminated Aspens


Lookie what I got in the mail yesterday!! Several years ago Gerrie and I decided to swap art: I made her a creche set and she’d make me indigo aspens. Every time Gerrie would post anything with aspens I’d wonder if they’d be mine. My heart skipped a beat when she showed this one — I knew this was IT!


As soon as I opened the box, I looked around for a wall to put it on. Although most of my blue art is in the bedroom, the orange on this really wanted to be in the living room. I took down one of my pieces and held the aspens up… and then I realized that just below it were my pair of custom mod birds made by Gerrie’s talented daughter, Lisa!  Ah, perfect.