13 Jun

A Little (Kukui) Nutty

Why is it that as soon as I say (even just to myself) that I’m over something or not going to do it, I go and do it anyway? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.

A while a go I lamented the many directions I could/should go and wondered if would be beneficial to focus. After that post, I decided that although I would probably never be the type to focus completely and create a “brand” for myself, it would be OK to let a few things drop.

There are a million ├╝ber-talented fabric designers out there that I couldn’t dream of competing with, (not being terribly fashion forward myself) and I had decided that as fun as exploring patterns based on local flora would be, my energies would be better spent on art quilts and home projects. My sketches were unceremoniously shoved to the back burner.

Until last week. I had reason to expand on one idea, and that, of course, built some momentum, which got the juices flowing, and now I have six designs uploaded to Spoonflower (private at this point) being made into swatches, just to see what a small collection would look like.

I had the idea that if my designs were picked up by a fabric company, I could donate the proceeds to an entity concerned with the study and preservation of Polynesian plants, or just plain conservation, like the National Tropical Botanical Garden, or Hawai’i Nature Center. I’m not particularly interested in opening up an Etsy or Big Cartel shop to sell fabrics at upwards of $18 per yard myself. I suspect this will go back to the end of the line now that I’ve gotten some of the fun part out of my system (not before making a list of nearly 20 plants that would be interesting to draw when the mood strikes again).

Speaking of the mood striking, Katja watched me using Adobe Illustrator to make my designs and wanted to make some herself. I think this is a perfect example of being inspired by something and yet making it uniquely one’s own. I’m also so proud of my daughter’s creativity, that really this post is mostly an excuse to show her off!