25 Jan

Knit Night

Socks are a staple of many knitters’ project lists. They’re relatively small and therefore quick to knit, they’re practical, and most people love to get hand knit socks. My feet are always cold, so once I learned how to knot socks, I was pretty much hooked. I’ve knit three pair for me, one pair for my daughter, one pair for my son, and I’m working on a pair with a friend’s son in exchange for a handmade yarn bowl!

Sweater Socks

Sock yarn comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. My first three sock knits were hand dyed yarn and are all about the color (green for me, purple and gold for the daughter, blue and orange for the son, and PDX Carpet for me). The socks above though, are about the magic of self-striping. They look like complicated Faire Isle color work, but it’s just one yarn that changes color at planned intervals. I was intrigued by Regia’s Design Line and specifically these ones by Arne and Carlos. I love the way it looks like a little ski sweater for your feet. The skeins seemed small, so I got two. Not wanting to waste yarn, I just kept knitting until I got close to the end of each skein — which meant I had to shape the calf. It was a good exercise, but the socks slump down, so I think I’ll stick to the usual, same as the length of the foot, height for future projects.

Quirky pop culture reference: I was watching Amazon’s show Lilyhammer, about gangsters in Norway. At one point, one of the guys is knitting a sweater for the baby his girlfriend is expecting, and the other guys tease him. He retorts that plenty of men knit, and hadn’t they heard of Arne and Carlos? I happily chimed in, “yeah, even I know about Arne and Carlos!” It’s the little things.