08 Feb

Home Fires at Etui Fiber Arts

Last weekend I drove up to New York to hang my exhibit Home Fires at Etui Fiber Arts. We had a reception on Sunday which was unfortunately quiet — probably because of the impending storm and the Superbowl. The show looks fantastic though. The space is light and bright and shows off my work so well. The great news is that the show has been extended and will be on view at Etui until March 14th! We will have an artist talk on the 14th as well as a workshop by my friend Natalya Aikens, and an opportunity to just hang out and work on stitched or knitted projects. So, if you missed the opening reception, please join us for a closing party in March! And, of course, one can see the show any time between now and then.

Home Fires Exhibit


I would be remiss if I didn’t also say that Natalya was instrumental in helping me hang this show. She’s awesome. Plus, I got to hang out with her all week-end which is great. We went to the Katonah Museum of Art to see their current exhibit Line Describing a Cone, which was quite fascinating. It’s great to go to an exhibit with a friend and be able to discuss what we’re experiencing. We both really liked a very organic piece made with zip ties, and I liked a sculpture defined by light, while she was entranced by an installation with mirrors.  For most of the weekend (and bonus snow day) we talked and talked and talked, and, as happens every time we’re together, I came away with an inspired list of things to work on and new enthusiasm for my work. Artist play dates are great and I am so thankful that I have a group of wonderful artist girlfriends who all inspire me every day. I look forward to returning in March.


Home Fires Exhibit

Home Fires Exhibit

Home Fires Exhibit

Home Fires at Etui

19 Mar


Sometimes it feels like that. No matter how hard you try, things just unravel.

Unravelling, by Kristin La Flamme 2012

While things are holding together for me just fine right now, that’s not always the case. I think most Army wives will agree with me. There are times when it’s hard to keep it all together. This is another (the 10th!) apron in my series  “The Army Wife.” It’s knit from my husband’s discarded uniform tees, plus some other uniform bits and fasteners, and a heart of stone as a sort of talisman.

Unravelling detail

Something I’m really enjoying while creating this series of work is letting each piece dictate how it is made, as opposed to trying to make my ideas conform to a specific model such as “art quilt.” It means that I can’t enter pieces I really like, such as Be Strong, Always, and The Other Woman, into quilt exhibits, but that’s not the point. Wool, knit, quilted, sheer, a sheet, or a bed quilt, the form each piece takes is integral to it’s meaning, and that gives me great satisfaction.

20 Jun

Family Afghan

This afghan has graced my dad’s couch for what seems like eons. It might have originally come from my grandparents. Or maybe not. Family things get passed down and I forget what came from where as they all seem to blend together both emotionally and aesthetically.

Old Family afghan

Anyway, after visiting my dad recently and seeing this, I have a wild hair to recreate it. Or at least make something similar. After seeing how much yarn an afghan can eat up when I made ripple blankets for my mom and myself though, I want to keep a lid on this one.

I’ve narrowed down some yarn choices, and I wonder if my yarny blog friends have any tips. I could return to teh Plymouth Encore. I’m pretty happy with my current Encore afghan — though it would be interesting to try something without acrylic. Choice number two is probably Lion Brand Wool-Ease. The colors and price are right, especially if I wait for a 50% off the entire order coupon from Jo-Ann’s. It’s still an acrylic blend though. Speaking of Jo-Ann’s, Patton Angora Bamboo looks intriguing. Ravelry says it can be hairs-in-your-nose-itchy though. This Bambool is also interesting. I’ve knit with bamboo and like the softness, but I’m afraid the size of an afghan would pull it out of shape. Back in acrylic blendy-land, Swish from Knit Picks keeps coming up, and it has good colors and a good price. They also have Wool of the Andes Worsted. I’m afraid that it will be too itchy and splitty and felt up on me though.

Anybody got any words of yarn wisdom for me?