05 Oct

Halloween Craft, cont.

Vampire drawing and haiku

I completely forgot yesterday to include a photo of the drawing and poem that inspired the adorable (and not very scary) Halloween pillowcase. The drawing is outlined in glue, which made it really easy to make a rubbing of, which I used as my template.

Halloween Banner from scraps

I put the banner in the window right away, so please excuse the crappy picture (I must still be in Honey Badger mode). It’s not very amazing, but it used up scraps and I did go so far as to free-piece the word Boo after watching Tonya on The Quilt Show. I also quilted the banner with a green spiderweb pattern. That turned out pretty cool.

Spiderweb Quilting

04 Oct

To See Vampires

Halloween pillowcase

Two years ago my daughter wrote this cute poem about vampires and drew an equally cute picture in class. This year, I found owl fabric that I absolutely loved and decided to put it all together. I started with a fun pillowcase she can use every October.

Vampire Girl Pillowcase and Treat Bag

Yes, I know the owls are sideways to the poem, and the vamp girl is sideways on the pillow, but we don’t care (kinda like Honey Badgers). The shapes all work for me.

I made a trick or treat bag with the leftover fabric too. That’s a dragon inside — watch your fingers!

Tote bag for Trick or Treating

I still have a few scraps left. I may make a banner for our front window and call that seasonal decorations.

25 Apr

Finally (I Think)

It started about four years ago with a drawing by my daughter of her daddy. I thought he looked military (which may or may not have been intentional on her part) and needed to become a patch on a messenger bag.

About a year ago, I found the¬†perfect pattern and went so far as to make custom fabric using my kids’ drawings.

Last November I finally got around to making the bag, but I wasn’t happy with some of the choices I had made — namely stiff Peltex/Timtex instead of fusible batting as called for in the pattern (that will teach me).

So, I took it apart. And so it sat for the last four months, taunting me with it’s un-finishedness, taking up space on the futon in my guest room/sewing studio. It really bugged me to have to keep moving it’s pile around whenever guests came to visit. But I was mad at it for not being perfectly crafted. To the bag’s credit, it came apart easily and was mostly salvageable. But I was still mad at it.

Finally, I jumped in and finished it a few days ago. I used black binding which worked better than the green, and the softer batting in the body of the bag made all the difference in terms of  maneuverability for sewing.

But, once again, I did not heed the warning on the pattern, and I accidentally ironed the strap — making black smudges on the green facing in my lining. And though the black topstitching looks good on the outside of the bag, I don’t like it on the interior, especially as there is under-stitching as well and a couple of hiccups where the thread broke.

It would not be a huge project to take out the interior, replace the green strip and re-sew it all. But, I’m kind of over this project for a while.