15 Jun

A Day at the Races

First there were Jelly Rolls, those pretty rolls of 2.5″ wide strips from a fabric collection. Then came books and blogs of projects to make from the strips.

I made my own jelly roll with most of my solid fabrics (I was surprised I had so many).

Then I read on Diane’s blog about about Jelly Roll races. Well, my friend Kim LOVES jelly rolls AND she organizes a monthly sewing bee. I knew she’d get a kick out of quilters racing each other to make a simple quilt out of a jelly roll.

And so Kim challenged us to a Jelly Roll Stroll last Sunday. Here I am, ready to start, with my strips sewn end to end. Kim took an extra hour or so and joined her strips with contrasting triangles. Check out her blog for better pictures and her adorable finished quilt top.

It took me one hour and 18 minutes to get from 1600″ long strip to this quilt top (above). I probably spent an hour cutting the strips (which you wouldn’t have to do with a purchased jelly roll) and about an hour sewing the strips end to end and pressing them. I could have been done at that point, with a whopping 3-ish hours invested.

1600 Jelly Roll quilt +

But…. it called for a half square triangle border. So I went home and spent at least four hours cutting, sewing, trimming, and sewing some more. Totally worth it though, and in only two days, I’ve got a quilt top. I went out today and bought batting and backing, so this could be a finished project in the near future! I think it’s destined for my son’s bed.