04 Feb

Another Bag!

Yes, there was more of the wacky Japanese/Anime/Tokidoki style fabric!

Daughter liked the more cutesy one with pink; son likes black, white, and red, natch; but I couldn’t pass up red-heads with peace signs and punky checkerboards.

I had no idea what I was going to make with it since neither kid would lay claim to the fabric, and I couldn’t handle a whole blouse made of it. But then my new focus mitts for kickboxing arrived and the fabric grocery bag I had been toting all my gear in was now too small.

So, last Tuesday morning, I whipped up this extra long tote, big enough for my gloves, paddles, and mitts, plus a pocket at each end for hand wraps and my water bottle. I lined the bag for extra stability too. Best part is, it used up nearly all the fabric, so with the total of four and a half yards of crazy fabrics, I only have about a yard and a half of my son’s left, minus the lining fabric and coordinating bits for the kids’ bags — which means my stash remains pretty much stable!

14 Jan

Book Bag for my Daughter

I don’t know if this fabric is as big in the Mainland US fabric shops as it is in Hawai’i, or if it’s even made it there, but I couldn’t pass it up. It seems like new variations of fighting sushi, space geishas, happy stars, angry Ninjas and all their wacky cohorts are popping up monthly!

Book Bag

I bought a yard each of several different fabrics and brought them home to the kids to see what they’d like made out of these silly fabrics. Katja wanted a messenger bag like her BFF and it needed to be the size of her math textbook. She had also talked me in to buying her a dragon patch on a separate outing and really wanted it on her bag.

Book Bag

I looked around at tutorials on the web and a pattern I already owned but, while close, nothing matched my vision and the construction on all seemed pretty easy, so I figured I’d just wing it and do what I wanted.

Book Bag

I thought a kid might appreciate a zippered pocket inside so things don’t fall out. There’s a (pink) patch pocket on the back of the bag’s outside too.

Book Bag

The cute little pyramid coin purse is a free download from Nicole Mallalieu. I made it clip onto a strap sewn into the book bag so it can be used separately if needed, but can also be attached for security.

My boy decided that he’d like one of these too. I’ll tweak the construction a bit, mostly because I can and I’m curious. We talked about field trip money today too, so I’ll be making Lunch Money Cuffs for both kids with the scraps.