31 Aug

My Bundle of Sewing Love

Here’s my IBOL II Bundle. This time, I dove into the little used bin of dressmaking fabrics and pulled out a few pieces that were in the one to two yard ballpark. I found a pinwale corduroy, eyelet, a nice stripe and a sheer that was meant for curtains. Hopefully someone else will make good use of these fabrics since I’m obviously not getting around to doing anything with them. I don’t have many large pieces of quilting cottons, but I found a few that I either had big plans for but they fell through or I used a lot less of the fabric than expected. I think they are fun happy fabrics and hopefully someone else will too. I was also teh recipient of excellent swag at Quilt Hawaii, so I wanted to share that wealth as well. Who doesn’t love metallic threads — at least to look at and dream. Of course, I had to include top stitch needles to sew the metallics with (since I had a whole pack).

If you are interested in de-stashing and sharing our collective fabric wealth with our sewing sisters in Iraq, check out my hubby’s IBOL II blog for all the pertinant details and regular updates. Give a little.