07 Jun

Mahalo USO and Honolulu Zoo

Saturday was Military Appreciation Day at the Honolulu Zoo. We didn’t have anything else planned, I’m back to being a single parent again, it was something to do, so off we went.

There was live entertainment. I wish I could remember this guy’s name, as I think he performs around Honolulu quite a bit.

The Honolulu Fire Department represented. The kids could climb aboard an ambulance and fire truck. Only in Hawai’i would the fire truck include a surf board!!

There was story time…

…and crafts,


…and more games…

… and things Hawaiian to learn about.

Of course, the were animals too. The Honolulu Zoo may not be world renown, but it has the requisite elephants, monkeys, zebras, and tigers. There were also some weird relatives of the crocodile called gharial. My son made a point of finding all the lizards — like the one above. The nene, below, is the state bird of Hawaii and a relative of the Canada Goose.

A big mahalo (thank you) goes out to the Hawaii USO for organizing the day. Zoo entrance was free for ID card holders (like us), they had frequent shuttle buses from free parking at the nearby community college, they advertised free ice cream and hot dogs to the first 8,000 visitors (but it was a whole lunch bag with chips, cookies  and water too). And when they said lots of activities for the keiki (kids) they weren’t kidding. There was plenty to keep everyone busy and no long frustrating lines despite the large numbers of people there. Everything was well organized and well staffed. Even the weather cooperated with lots of sunshine and trade winds to keep it from getting too hot. All in all a great day!