21 Jan

Plantation Days

I’ve posted a few times about the ancient Hawaiians and the Polynesian influence here in Hawai’i (click on the Aloha tag in the cloud over there on the right), but not really about the other main cultural influence — the days of the plantations. I’ll leave you to research on your own, but I wanted to share some photos of a historic area not too far from where I live (it wasn’t too long ago that where my house is located would have been in the middle of a cane field, with nothing but more cane as far as the eye could see). You can click on the photos to go to my Flickr set with a few more details.

Manager’s House

General Store?

Cane grabber-lifter thingy.

Ewa Community Church

Nifty part on the train that used to carry cane, but now carries people on a secnic tour (betcha didn’t know there was a train on Oahu, did you?).

More historic trains.

Rich businessman Dillingham’s private, parlor car.