28 Feb

A Little Touristy Diversion

The kids and I have spent the last two weeks entertaining guests — my MIL and her husband. This, of course, means we’ve been exploring the Islands again.

We hiked to Manoa Falls:
Manoa Falls Hike

We visited the Mighty Mo:
The Mighty Mo and the Arizona Memorial

We went to Maui and saw whales:
Maui Whalewatching

…especially mamas and babies, like this little one sticking it’s head out of the water:
Maui Whale Watching

The human kids were in charge of the underwater mic so we could hear the whales sing:
Jr Oceanographers

We went to Twin Falls off the road to Hana (the two wahine under the fall are me and Robin who, along with a wonderful gaggle of kids, joined us for the day):
Twin Falls Hike

And we went to the peak of Haleakala, where we were truly above the clouds:
Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa from Haleakala

Now our guests are wending their way back to the frigid Mainland, and I am preparing for the next wave.