17 Jun

One Block Wonder Couch Quilts

This is the first of my One Block Wonder quilts. I stayed pretty true to the book, arranging the hexagons in waves of color to my liking and adding a border. I chose a solid border color to make the quilt look more modern (I considered white for a truly modern look, but was worried about practicality).

(click to enlarge)

I kinda missed the woodland theme of the original fabric though (“Lush” by Erin Michael). So, I machine and hand embroidered a stag after I quilted the quilt. It might be a bit out there, but I really like it!

Madison the cat approves.

The above quilt and matching pillow will be a gift. I used a few more of the hexagons to make a version for our couch:

I almost bought new fabric for the backs of these quilts, but was still reeling from having used nothing from my stash on either quilt top. I did have several white duvet covers picked up at a flea market a few years ago, so I bit the bullet and dyed two to match. I’m not great at dyeing to specifics, but I’m very happy with how these turned out. The stag quilt has a solid steel blue backing, and mine has steel blue overdyed in a tie-dye pattern with olive green. My intention was to have the very geometric hexagons on the front speak somehow to the looser, organic, hexagon-ish shapes on the back.

I’m loving my coordinated couch appropriate for a quilter.