02 Mar

File Under: It’s Funny Now

There are some perks to working for the Army. Steady paycheck, health care, job security, assigned housing (or an allowance). There are also some drawbacks with this cushy life. Deployment, bureaucracy, lots of moves, bureaucracy, changes in career trajectory, bureaucracy…  So this morning I was looking through old paperwork, trying to find something, and ran across a fax cover sheet that made me snicker. It was written by a coworker apparently following up on something in regards to paperwork my husband submitted.

Dear Mr. _________, _________ Housing Office

Please note that this was given to Ms. _______ in your office (who incidentally refused to sign the DA Form 200 stating: “I’m a civilian … we don’t sign for anything!”). A DA Form 200 is a routing sheet used to identify a date and person who accepted important paperwork. As evidenced by the loss of this paperwork, I suggest you change your policy.

Happy Monday. Enjoy your new work week!