27 Jan


I finished another one! This one started as one idea about four years ago, got abandoned, and then came back to life last year in this form:


Hale’aina (ha-lay aye-nah) is hawaiian. Hale means house and aina means “of the land.” In the old days, the hale’aina was the house where the women ate. Today, it usually refers to a restaurant. But as most hawaiian language also contains a “secret” meaning, it could be interpreted as “the house that nourishes.” Hale’aina also happens to be the name of the street we live on.

Women, home, nourishment, where we live — how could I not do something inspired by this? I already had the houses (appliqued to a duvet cover — more comforts of home) with collaged floral roots, so I decided to just take it further. I added food themed fabrics, and once I found one with a spam musubi the whole thing shifted into whimsical and allowed me to add other things like a pizza button, a pumpkin bead, two flounder, and a cocktail olive. It’s a house chock full of food, love, hope, fun, and dreams.

On the technical, or construction side, this is all about the contrast between the plain corduroy areas and the richly embellished house and roots area. I had fun laying it on. Every time I thought I could stop, I found another place to add something. This one is very rewarding up close, and I dare anyone not to be tempted to touch it.

The quilt is 25″x37.” Hale’aina is the working title. I’m going to ask a hawaiian speaking acquaintance if it calls for something more poetic. It’s obviously not a hawaiian quilt, so maybe I’m pushing the boundaries already, but that’s at least where the inspiration came from.

18 Dec

What we’re up to

On my birthday, my dad (Opa) and I went to the Marriott at Ko’Olina, a lovely resort on the Leeward side of Oahu, not too far from our house.

He was impressed by the freshness of the pineapple and papaya. Well yes, this IS Hawai’i.

This restaurant is fun because not only do you eat on the lanai with a view of the pool and then the ocean spread in front of you, but they also have two decorative pools, one with rays (or skates, I don’t know the difference) and one with sharks!!

After lunch, we walked around and took in the views.

Yesterday, we visited Sea Life Park, which is passable except that because of it’s small size, you can get up close and personal, plus, our military rate made general admission very affordable. We got to pet a baby turtle which the kids thought was very cool. The staff appear to be mostly students from the Oceanic Institute next door, so they were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We drove there past Sandy Beach, the Blowhole, Makapu’u Lighthouse (scene of the most complained hike) and then took the long, scenic, way home on the Windward side of the island, (at least up to H3 if you know the area) via Dave’s Ice Cream who’s Coconut Macadamia Nut and Chocolate Macadamia Nut ice creams are now deemed Best Ever!. The dramatic mountainsides impressed Opa as well.

In addition to touristy stuff, we’ve also fixed some sprinklers, hung Christmas lights and shored up the big furniture so the TV and components can live there instead of on the floor where they’ve been since we unpacked. More touristy stuff is planned for next week after the torrential rains predicted for the next two days pass.

07 Sep

Too Busy

I’m too busy to fix my blog. I have a really good excuse though. 


My mom is here and we’ve been too busy shopping and eating and playing tourist to spend much time contemplating blog themes.

We’ve hung pictures, rearranged furniture, bought bookcases, found COSTCO, gotten lost, tried to go on a submarine (no-go as there wasn’t enough visibility underwater), made our own volcano:


Explosive Volcano

Explosive Volcano

…bought Aloha wear, went to the Windward side of the island:


Scenic outlook

Scenic outlook

… and persevered until we found Ladybug Plants in Waimanalo — possibly the best plant nursery ever! The plants are plentiful, the staff unbelievably friendly and helpful, and the prices are great. 

And we went to Dave’s and ate Mochi ice cream just because:


Strawberry flavored mochi ice cream

Strawberry flavored mochi ice cream

I was tempted to try the Taro ice cream because it was purple, and maybe pair it with the greenest Green Tea ice cream I’ve ever seen, but the idea of pasty Taro wasn’t enticing me. I’m not sure I’d go for Mochi ice cream again though. The ice cream was good, but the mochi around it was kinda like bland fondant and I just didn’t find the combo exciting. I much preferred the gooey/crispy pairing of last weekend’s poi mochi. Now I’d like to try some real Japanese mochi just to round out my mochi experience. Dave’s had all manner of Bubble Drinks though, so obviously I’ve been hiding under a rock all these years and am the last one to discover these!