09 Jan

Figure Friday

I went to life drawing yesterday feeling a bit rusty after not gong for about three weeks. I left feeling great! I think maybe I do better work when I can get into a kind of a story with the pose. Yesterday’s session developed a kind of domestic theme (at least to me).

Things started out innocently enough with poses meant to represent a muse — though I saw a kitchen superhero if I just changed the staff to a mop.

Kitchen Superhero.sm


But then a jilted lover emerged. I’m pretty sure this is the morning after, and she’s contemplating action.


Jilted Lover.before.sm



And I’m assuming this is the aftermath.

Jilted Lover.after.sm


I drew these with watercolor pencil so now that I’ve scanned them, I will probably see what happens when I take a brush and water to the originals. I would also like to make versions in fabric and stitch. I have a vision of a whole series of stitchy, sassy, housewives, and these last two drawings excite me to change that sassy to fierce.

03 Jan

Figure Friday (on Saturday Night)

I missed Figure Friday before Figure Friday even started. I skipped drawing group on Thursday morning, and the evening session was canceled — not that I was motivated to go anyway. I need to get back into the routine, but with everyone home, holidays, and grey weather malaise, I’m just not as on top of things as I’d like to be.

framed drawings

That said, I do have drawings to talk about! Last Sunday, I picked up the three drawings that had been at Yellow Cardinal gallery. They are now at home with the drawings that had been at Derriere de Soie earlier in the year. Maybe I can send them out again though. McGuffey’s figure drawing show last year was well received, so they will be hosting a second (annual?!) show in February. Part of me wants to submit newer pieces, but there’s a big part of me that says framed works are an easier sell — and I’ve invested a not insignificant amount of money in the framing of these pieces which I would love to recoup. I have some empty mats, so I’ll probably look at what’s new that fits into those and submit a mix of framed and not framed. Maybe I’ll just swap out some art — newer work into these frames. It’s a dance.