06 Feb

Dove in the Window

The new theme at 12×12 is Window. This is huge — I could go so many places with it that I am actually overwhelmed. Out of curiosity, I looked to traditional quilt blocks like Cathedral Windows and Attic Window, and also found one called “Dove in the Window” which and was first published by the Lady’s Art Company in 1898.


I think there’s a lot to be said for traditional quilt blocks and their history. I love their names. Some are whimsical, some are pictorial, some are political — like Burgoyne Surrounded or Whig’s Retreat. I like that their makers could include subtle messages through the blocks they chose to use: the most widely known probably being the blocks claimed to be used by slaves to assist in their escape to freedom like Wagon Wheel, Flying Geese and Monkey Wrench.

I felt compelled to try out this block today. I used fabric from my husband’s old BDUs (battle dress uniform). I doubt I’ll use it as my 12×12 submission, but it could well inform something else I want to work on. Actually, I have about 5,000 things I want to work on. Is it wrong for me to hope the kids don’t come home from school today?