02 Dec


Just a quick little post with a recent house project. Mostly, I’ve been painting white walls and ceilings which doesn’t make for good before-after photos, but does make the house clean and fresh. The living room is looking good, but the change is subtle.

There’s a bit of a door theme going on though. It started with my daughter’s mural room. She wanted a blue door. That happened to be in the same little hallway as the bathroom door, which I painted orange to coordinate with the orange niche where the toilet is. So, of course I had to do something with the master bedroom door in the same area. Now a formerly weird space with four doors is a playful spot in the center of the house.



Our son wanted something fun in his room too. No mural walls for him; he just wanted plain grey with orange accents. But he did request a galaxy on his door. I started with black chalkboard paint that I had out for another project and used leftovers from the girl’s room to create a space fantasy. It was surprisingly easy to create with a natural sponge. Flecks and dots of white for stars really pulled it all together. Since I had used the flat paints I had on hand, I gave the whole thing a coat of polycrylic for protection (except for the back side of the door which is plain black chalkboard — perfect for his sister to leave him notes!).X Door

Most of the other doors in the house have been painted white, but who knows what might happen in the future!