15 Sep

Support my bra, please


The second annual Artful Bra Project is underway. Last year I made poi filled calabashes for my entry. This year, it’s the Hawaiian flag. My original idea was to make a “Shaka Bra(h)” and have two “hang loose” hands sort of cupping the cups. I still needed to do something to the cups themselves though, so I added the flag bits and the ribbon lei. As I finished up the basic bra, it was actually looking pretty well done. I made some hands, but they turned out underwhelming, so the bra spoke and remains simply a flag.

So, now my bra needs a name, and it needs some financial support which will benefit breast cancer patients and survivors in Hawai’i. All of the altered bras donated to the Artful Bra Project Hawaii will go on to the Pinktober Benefit Auction at the Hard Rock Cafe on October 23rd to earn a little more. Last year, the bras brought in something like $3000 total.

If you’d like to give your support to breast cancer services in Hawai’i please email me or leave a comment. Thank you for your support.

P.S. Robin suggested “Tutu’s Secret” as a name — referencing the Hawaiian name for grandma and obviously the well known bra retailer. I can’t quite imagine tutu wearing this under her mu’u mu’u, but maybe it’s her secret in the same way Hawaiians are said to have hung their flag quilts under their bed canopies during the time of the Provisional and Territorial governments.

22 Sep

Check it out!

This weekend is the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. One of the exhibits is “Breaking Traditions,” an annual show devoted to fundraising for good causes. This year’s theme is Home, and donations support A Place To Bark, an animal rescue operation in Tennessee. With the theme Home, how could I not participate?!

A while back I posted a detail, but here’s my complete donation:

Rooted IX by Kristin La Flamme

As an extra, added bonus, I just found out it was selected as Exhibit Favorite, and I won a bundle of awesome prizes! An art quilt book by two artists whose work I really enjoy, transfer papers that I’ve been intrigued by but never tried, and paint that I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I’m so excited!

Here’s another detail:


10 Feb

Brushfire Blocks

I’m having a serious attack of so much to do and so little time. In the flurry of making pillows and skirts, some garments for me,  and even working on an art quilt, my mind is going a million miles an hour. The doing begets more ideas and my sketchbook is overflowing! Then there’s the stuff not on the list that pops up, like the Mushroom Swap — count me in!

Yesterday was an appeal for quilts in response to the devastating brush fires in Australia. I usually like to donate closer to home since wherever that is, there always seems to be one group or another on the edge. But, seeing as I’ve recently donated locally to the Red Cross and the Hawai’i Food Bank, plus this particular project is the brainchild of another US military spouse (who I met through a playgroup military mom friend from back in Germany — the military is a small world) and we all look out for each other (for the most part), AND it was just two blocks, not a whole quilt — well, count me in again!

I’d never done these Liberated Stars before (although I’d seen them and understood the concept). They are fun to make! Great for scrap bag management!

These are off to Australia soon, and I am back to trying to bring some of my ideas to fruition.