11 Aug

It’s Crafturday! (11)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any Crafturday content. Today was Fine Art day for me as I joined a Life Drawing session at McGuffey Art Center here in Charlottesville. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do but had not found the appropriate time and place to get me motivated. The planets are aligned here though.

But back to the Crafts! Almost as soon as we arrived in town, I began to scope out the fabric shops, and our closest one, Les Fabriques, had a big sign for Camp Stitch signups. There were several options for sewing, fashion design, and upcycling for kids, and I knew a certain young lady who would love it!

So, my daughter spent three hours a day, for five days, with about six other girls her age, drawing, sewing, and transforming clothing into new fashions for their dolls. The two ladies who facilitated the class were sweet, and organized, and did an amazing job coaxing the creative vision out of these kids. They all made amazing things and had a great time doing it. We’ll be back for more “camps” for sure!